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Zhashkiv Walnuts -
real quality from our native land


The quality of walnut kernels depends on various factors, starting from the soil where the trees are grown and ending with the packaging of the product.

“Zhashkiv Equestrian School LLC” is engaged in cultivating and selling walnuts, professionally overseeing all processes and stages. 

We’re not just exporters, but also producers! This allows us to guarantee the highest product quality. The company employs modern technologies and keeps up with the market trends, ensuring continuous development.


Our History

The Zhashkiv Equestrian Sports School was founded in 2007, the areas of activity of which are the training of sports horses and the cultivation of agricultural products. Our livestock includes stallions and mares with world names, as well as participants of the Olympic Games.

In 2015, the history of “Zhashkiv Walnut” began on the basis of a manufacturer already known in Europe. We planted our garden, and in 2022 already gathered the first harvest. During this time, the company built warehouse complexes and launched its own walnut processing line.

As of 2023, “Zhashkiv Walnut” has three orchards with a total area of over 400 hectares. The company operates both in the domestic market and as exporter.

Our advantages

Product quality

is ensured through responsible control over all stages of production and delivery. Control starts with selecting seedlings and extends to processes like storing walnuts in shells and packaging sorted kernels

Our land

comprises three orchards located in the heart of Ukraine, established on fertile black soil. The company regularly conducts analyses to monitor soil and tree conditions, guaranteeing a good harvest.

In-house facilities

The company employs an 800 kg/hour walnut processing line and the latest equipment for cleaning, drying, and calibrating kernels.

"Zhashkiv Equestrian School LLC" represents a new level of walnut cultivation, storage, and export.

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