Волоські горіхи та здоров’я мозку: найкращий вибір для розуму


It is well known that walnuts are healthy and rich in high nutrients.


These nuts are full of vitamins, essential compounds and other nutrients, useful for human health substances. But before eating such a kind of food you have to know better all about this unique product.


Brain food

Walnuts are the best vegetable supply for our brain stimulation. Even ancient people were aware about all the benefits of royal acorns. The Latin name of the English walnut is Juglans Regia, which translates to ‘Jupiter’s Royal acorn’. In those times only the nobles can taste this food.


Besides, the shape of the nut approximates the body part, looking like a brain now only approved of an old vision about walnuts benefits.


It is said that ancient Greek historian Herodotus promoted walnut consumption because of its’s ability to boost brain activity.


Official healthcare system proved the connection between walnut consumption and human cognitive function also. The main reason here is the high concentration of food bioactive compounds in this product.



Why is a walnut so “smart” and brainy?


Walnut kernels are rich in organic and mineral compounds such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates (i.e. glucose, saccharose, dextrins, starch), tannins, aromatic oils, vitamins and fiber.


Also walnut is a good source of essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats, ‘cos our body cannot synthesize such elements they can reach only with food.


By the way only Omega-3 fatty acids can improve vascular condition by promoting brain function.


Also walnuts are calorie dense (1 kilo of product contain more than 8500 calories), so this type of food can nourish the brain with energy, which is essential for pulse transfer between cells.


Vitamin F (linolic and linoleic acids) and coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like compound, also found in nuts, help improve memory, which is extremely important for cognitive functioning.


Experts recommend pupils and students eating walnuts,

because it helps to quickly remember information and easily reproduce it.


Eating walnuts regularly can boost:

– concentration of attention

– relieving nervous tension and stress

– improvement in mood

– normalization of sleep

– slowing the aging of the brain


It is believed that the use of walnut kernels significantly reduces the risk of “catching” Alzheimer’s disease. Obviously, a proper and healthy diet with benefits for the brain involves the presence of walnuts in the daily “smart menu”.